Kids are sponges. Be a role model for them at an early age. Create good habits.

It all started the day after we left the doctor’s office. I was holding my son while we were walking out the door toward the truck.  Half way to the truck I noticed Mason make a huge loogie noise and then spit.  In disbelief I thought in my head where in the heck did this kid learn this… aha a moment of clarity.  I had just performed the same action seconds before without even noticing! I was amazed at how perfect the copycat move was.  From that day forward I was mindful of tiny things I would do around him and noticed he copied a lot more than I knew.

As an adult, we all have bad and good habits. One of the things I want my son to learn is good habits.  One variable to learning good habits at a youthful age is watching our parents self-perform good and unhealthy habits. Whether it’s drinking, smoking, working out, eating, etc. (you get the point).

I am constantly trying to perfect my habits, throw out the harmful habits and create new, fresh habits that bring me closer to my goals. Why not give our kids a powerful head start?  Believe it or not Mason already helps put dishes away, water bottles in the fridge, cleans the floor, and occasionally grabs daddy a beer (bad habit).  Ask his mother! It’s all true!  One of my major goals is when he gets older to get him to work out with me so we build a foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  I also incorporate habit forming into fun times so that I’m killing two birds with one stone. For example, we’ll stack water bottles in a row (he loves stacking objects) and then put them into the fridge.

We are all working on ways to become a better version of ourselves, through good habits we can achieve our goals. Why not incorporate your child? Learn from them and see what they are doing, odds are they are paying attention to more than you know.

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